We are a non-profit organization that creates and supports innovative open-source and non-profits projects to change the world


Our Story

DigitalPlat is a 100% non-profit organization, dedicated to creating groundbreaking open-source projects that change the world and enhance your life (such as FlyOS). We’re also researching operating system kernels (EdgeCore Kernel), LLM, and the Internet of Things (XLink Project), from basics to cutting edge. Plus, we support non-profit work by providing free US.KG domain names for everyone! We’re the changemakers of the future!

What We Do

Our Projects

Free domain for everyone

US.KG provides free PSL domain names for individuals and organizations who cannot afford them. It’s completely free and non-profit, available to everyone.


Unleash your mobile phone’s potential: it’s not just a phone, but a pocket-sized computer
Deploy a full Ubuntu-based Linux subsystem on your phone. It’s a complete Linux system that fits in your pocket! Running Linux, Windows, and DOS applications with a web dashboard on your phone.


BINPython is a single-file, portable version of Python that supports encapsulation of custom libraries and can be integrated into programs/projects

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Even though some projects are not actively maintained, you can still use the source code and continue maintaining it! Our goal is to contribute to open-source software!



Let us change the future together