DigitalPlat Announcement – Restrictions on Chinese Communist Party Membership

Dear DigitalPlat Community,

We are dedicated to promoting open-source and free software and fostering a collaborative environment for developers worldwide. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in California, USA, our mission is to support the principles of freedom, human rights, and free expression.

In recent years, we have observed growing concerns related to actions taken by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that undermine the values we uphold. In order to protect the security and integrity of our codebase and prevent any potential compromise, we have engaged in thorough discussions to address this issue.

After careful consideration, DigitalPlat has decided to implement restrictions on CCP members from joining our organization. This decision is not driven by any particular nationality or ethnicity, but solely by concerns related to the CCP’s actions that have raised legitimate security and sovereignty concerns worldwide.

Effective immediately, we are prohibiting individuals affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party from becoming members of DigitalPlat. We believe that taking this measure will help safeguard the principles of open-source and free software development, protect our global community, and promote a safe and inclusive environment for all members.

For individuals who hold Chinese citizenship and wish to join DigitalPlat, we will require the additional step of signing a “Letter of Commitment for Non-members of the Communist Party of China” This letter will serve as an acknowledgement of our policies and their commitment to uphold our values and principles.

We understand the importance of promoting diversity and inclusivity, and we assure you that this decision has been taken after careful thought and consideration. Our commitment remains unwavering in supporting open-source projects and protecting the rights and privacy of our contributors.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

The DigitalPlat Team

Copy of Letter of Commitment for Non-members of the Communist Party of China